This is the Internet

A website about the Internet

What would the Internet look like if it was a person? This is a website that displays the Internet as a character, where you can read fun facts about the Internet and dive into “the dark web”. If you click on the illustration at the top, the song “Welcome to the Internet” by Bo Burnham will start playing in the background.

The website was done in 3,5 days as part of an introduction to basic coding, one of the modules in the course “Exploring design through interactions”. The brief was simply to tell something interesting about the Internet.

The Internet was born January 1, 1983. But the World Wide Web (WWW) did not exist until the british scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented it in March 1989.
On August 9, 1991 the World Wide Web (WWW) was unleashed into the world. People all over the world could now access the Internet from home.
4.9 billion people are using the Internet right now. That is 62% of the world's population! In total the Internet is connected to 50 billion devices all over the world.
By 2008 the Internet was so addictive that China declared Internet addiction a clinical disorder and started boot camps for Internet addicts.
The layers of the Internet