Hei, I am a self taught web developer from Northern Norway and a design student at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design! This is some of my work 👇

More about me

I am from Kvænangen in Northern Norway and I have always been passionate about design and technology. Right now I am in my second year of the five year master's programme in design at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, while doing some freelance work in between! 🦄

When I was a kid I enjoyed taking photos with my dad's compact camera, which sparked my interest in design and technology later on. I learned to code when I was 10, and when I was 19 I started my first job as a web developer. Since then I have been working as a web designer and developer in a few agencies in Tromsø, before I moved to Oslo to become a full-time design student. ✨

If you want to read more about my career, take a look at my resumee! 🔎

Astrid Mathilde Andersen